• Retail

Supercrease® has a proven track record within the global high street. Due to customer demand for our product, Retail is our largest sector, with more than 3000 outlets worldwide.

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The Process

  • Supercrease® is the best and most cost effective way to make a pre-existing crease permanent. The custom made small handheld cartridge is powered by a low-pressure air compressor. This applies a specially formulated line of resin, to the inside of a crease that sits in a groove on our unique processing table. The resin dries quickly and the garment can be worn within an hour.
  • Supercrease® takes under 1 minute to apply either in a factory or on the retail floor. It is operator friendly, low maintenance, and uses virtually energy-free technology that does not require heat. It can be removed if applied incorrectly.
  • The process makes a crease stay as sharp and natural as the day it was first pressed, remaining that way for the life of the garment. It is proven to withstand 150 dry cleaning or washing cycles.
  • Supercrease® can be added to all fabrics for trousers, pleated skirts and shirts. We offer a different applicator nib size dependent on the thickness and weight of fabric. It is available in 2 colours, clear for light coloured fabrics and black for dark coloured fabrics.

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